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What People Are Saying:

  • We were heading to the airport when we had a flat tire. Put on spare and continued on. After picking up our son, he looked up a place open on Sunday. We made our way to your store. Dameon was courteous and friendly and fixed the flat tire in a timely manner and then put it on the car. We could not have been more satisfied with the service we received from him. We need more business people like him. Thank you.
    John - February 2018
  • Back up vehicle
    Virginia - January 2018
  • I will use the tires on a daily driver. The price was reasonable. I would prefer more selection at economy prices.
    Rebecca - January 2018
  • Everyone was so polite and explained everything they were doing.
    Jennifer - January 2018
  • Very great
    Nate - December 2017
  • I thought their service replacing all of my tires and checking my alignment was quickly and professionally performed. They also gave me the best deal they could on them. My only negative is that they could use some simple refreshments in the waiting area. That's a decent amount of time to wait with nothing.
    Ken - October 2017
  • It was a very busy , rainy Sunday morning and the waiting area was packed and people were steadily coming in! Thomas, the manager, assisted customers, answered the phone and helped with servicing vehicles! I had an appointment and I was in and out within an hour with 4 brand new tires! After returning home I noticed the extra hot dogs I had left over from the day before so I grilled them, grabbed the bottled water I had in the cooler and chips and surprised the guys with lunch. Things has slowed tremendously by that time and they were able to have lunch! Great Customer Service!
    Gelone - October 2017
  • Staff as courteous and professional. The service time went at a good speed considering the number of customers there.
    Anita - October 2017
  • Michelin tires are reliable safe tires
    Teri - October 2017
  • I drive by construction areas daily. A huge screw was in my tire. I made the assumption I’d have to get a brand new tire but they patched it up for me & saved me a lot of money
    Dasheonna - October 2017
  • They were polite and fast.
    Rebeca - August 2017
  • I bought economy front tires for my 2009 Chrysler Sebring. Tires have performed above my expectations and the installation service was fast and professional.
    Joe - August 2017
  • Initially I had a very bad visit I called him and talk to manager and the manager was kind a rude and he gave me a one 800 number to talk to And then I called back later in the afternoon because I was going to get my money back and my other tires back because I was not happy with my purchase Nora was I happy with the condition of the tires I spoke to Thomas the store manager and he made things more than right he refunded me the difference of the price I was supposed to paint versus the price that we were forced to pay any set an appointment for me to come in on Monday because we came in on Saturday I brought the vehicle back on Monday after work and he begin the diagnose the tire problem for us after waiting two hours the tires for defective from the manufacture and he upgraded us to a better set of tires at no charge and included the road hazard warranty I am more than pleased with the service that we received and what a great way to save my business there thank you for making things right
    Charles - August 2017
  • I got new front tires. The staff here is very professional and very nice and informative.
    Candace - August 2017
  • Quick and efficient
    Steve - July 2017
  • Had a 3:30pm appointment and they still serviced walk in customers before me, made me wait till last and got started on a simple tire swap right at closing time 5pm only to have me carry my own tire and wheel out the store and say we couldn't get it sealed so you have a slow leak. So after 2 hours you guys give me another problem for another day. Soon as I mounted the tire back on my car it was flat within 10 mins. Waste of time and money. I'll never trust or recommend Tire Barn again!
    Robert - July 2017
  • I got four smooth-riding Goodyear Eagles, mounted, balanced, and aligned, in about one hour. Fast quality service, at a great price made for a very pleasing experience!!!!
    Steven - July 2017
  • I went in for my appointment to get my tire patched. I was seen right away & I didn't have to wait long at all.
    Antonnette - July 2017
  • Very professional waited long though
    Jessica - June 2017
  • Very professional waited long though
    Jessica - June 2017
  • So far the new tires are great.
    rachel - May 2017
  • Good service
    Melvin - May 2017
  • Good service
    Melvin - May 2017
  • Service was fast and accurate.
    Rafael - May 2017
  • I took 2 new wheels in the box along with 2 new tires to be mounted and balanced. Not only were the wheels/tires given back to me "half mounted". But they had also gouged and scraped up the 1400 doller wheels. Now if they can't mount them, just tell me, I'll understand and go somewhere else. But to say they can, and proceed to damage my products is very wrong. Then when I contacted the manager, he did offer to pay for the dismount/ remount charge from the place I had to take the wheels to have them finished. But did not and is not offering to cover what it is gonna cost to repair the damage done by the employee. I am so very upset with the service received.
    Terry - April 2017
  • I love how affordable the tire is and how deep the treads are.
    Ian - April 2017
  • I arrived 45 mins prior to my appointment. Service was good
    Cathy - April 2017
  • I had a bad valve stem and took it into them and they replaced it for free. In a timely manner also!
    John - April 2017
  • Great experience, got tires same day that other tire shops I checked couldn't , ready a few minutes earlier than I was told too!
    Chris - March 2017
  • Got a set of tires put on--service and quality was great. Much appreciated
    Christine - March 2017
  • They were quick and gave me a really good tire
    Shawn - March 2017
  • What a difference in Ride between Bald Tires and New Tires--Car is is a Blast to drive again-I had Forgotten! Level of service-just palin outatanding!--This location executes time and again---Wouldn't change a Thing about them. They will Have my Loyal Business for many years to come :)
    Thomas - March 2017
  • I got a flat tire on the way down to a conference in Louisville. I told Cedric my issue about needing to make it to my meeting in Louisville on time. He was kind and promised my new tire would be on in 30 minutes. Tire Barn worked quickly and I made it to my meeting right on time! Thank you so much for your help!
    Allie - March 2017
  • 9 a.m. they got out in a timely manner in the customer service was great
    Palon - March 2017
  • Very timely!
    Erin - February 2017
  • Fast and smooth service. Very professional.
    Check - February 2017
  • I needed tires badly. I had great customer service, wait time was very reasonable and overall I'm happy with the new tires I purchased. Car is riding much better!
    Megan - February 2017
  • Good Service
    Rachael - February 2017
  • I received extraordinary customer service from Cedric, the manager and his team at Tirebarn on Georgetown Road. I purchased four new Yokohama Tornante tires for my Toyota and they ride smoothly, excellent turning experience, provides extra breaking power, and are quite. I cannot speak for anyone else but this is what I have experienced. I don't have any negative comments about customer service nor product purchased.
    Antonio - February 2017
  • I purchased a set of tires for myself and two other family members from Georgetown Road Tire Barn. The store manager Cedric and the complete rest of the staff were awesome. I appreciate Cedric and Marcus in educating me a bit further on tire selections. I'd recommend anyone looking for a great deal on tires and awesome customer service, to go to Tire Barn on Georgetown Road, and Cedric and the guys will get you squared away. Keep up the great work fellas.
    Antonio - February 2017
  • I had scheduled an appointment for two new tires. Something came up in my schedule and the guys were able to get me in early and I was out 45 minutes later. Great customer service and quality work. I will be getting all of my tire work done here.
    Derek - January 2017
  • Decent service for the price
    Kiera - January 2017
  • Went in for alignment but now seems to be pulling to left again. Plan on calling back to make sure tamen care of.
    Frances - January 2017
  • the customer service was great as well as helpful
    Cynthia - January 2017
  • Went out of their way to find my tires and personally drove to pick them up so I could get back up and running.
    Brandon - January 2017
  • Excellent customer service, all staff knowledgeable and helpful.
    Abby - December 2016
  • I'm in the dark when it comes to cars, repairs, etc. The associate walked out with me to the car to check the current tires on my vehicle. He explained to me that I only needed two and that the other two were still in really good shape. This was a relief.
    Sherard - August 2016
  • Cedric was very patient in going over options and suggestions with us on different tires and everyone was very friendly.
    Tricia - July 2016
  • No charge for a complete tire check, even reset my low tire light!
    Shelly - April 2016
  • Positive, helpful attitude from staff. They really seem to take care of my tires for the tires' life time. They don't try to upsell me from what I need.
    Tom - September 2015
  • Constant communication and good time management.
    Joshua - August 2015
  • The technicians at this shop go out of their way to be friendly and helpful. I never feel like i'm being "up sold" or guided to purchase something I don't need. I go to this shop instead of one closer to work or home due to the quality service.
    Kathy - August 2015
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