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What People Are Saying:

  • I went to tire barn because my tire light was flashing for weeks. I had to get my tire pressure sensor fixed. They fixed it but the light never shut off. I went back in a couple weeks after and aparently another one was broken. They didn’t charge me the second time but as soon as I left the parking lot my light came back on. The next day I walked out to my car and my tire was flat. I put air in it and returned back to tire barn. They were on a four hour wait but put me to the front of the line because what happened was their mistake. They fixed it but still my light comes on every once in a while.
    Alayna - March 2018
  • Guys at tire barn took great care of me today and fix my tire where the dealership was going to be replacing the tire I can’t thank them enough they were awesome to work with they were very nice and professional throughout the entire interaction
    Pam - January 2018
  • Scheduled a 3:00 pm appointment to have the valve stem (with the tire monitoring sensor) replaced over the phone and was told that the job would take about 20 minutes. Took the vehicle in and got to Tire Barn at 2:55 pm and told them that I had an appointment and was told that they would get it in the first open bay. I waited in the lobby thinking it would not take that long. 2 hours 45 minutes later I noticed that they were just now pulling the vehicle into a bay. It did however only take about 15 minutes for them to tell me the work was completed. What is the use of an appointment when you have to wait that long to get the vehicle into a bay. The low tire light eventually did go off on the way home, but immediately the TPMS light came on. I called the next day about the issue and they again told me to bring it up and they would fix it while I was at lunch (1 1/2 hour lunch). Upon returning I noticed that the vehicle was in the same place in the parking lot where I left it. I asked if the work was done and they did not know anything about it. They asked around and someone told them that the key was under the paperwork on the front desk. They had not even tried to work on the vehicle. The service guy told me to pull the vehicle up to the front door and he would do it immediately. This he did and did it quickly and correctly. Like I said in the headline this is the first time this has ever happened to me. I had waited at most 1 hour for any kind of work there. I was very disappointed in the service on this visit.
    Bryan - January 2018
  • I made an appt to replace a tire and already had one preselected online. After the job was done and the fee was paid, no one could tell me what happened to my last tire. I waited around for fifteen minutes with a hungry 1 year old then decided to leave. Good overall experience but could use some customer service training.
    Christopher - January 2018
  • Polite, efficient and good customer service.
    Cheryl - December 2017
  • Had an appointment for 9am for a flat tire repair, and I was driving home by 9:35am. 2 thumbs up!
    Brian - December 2017
  • I recently experienced the terrible misfortune of picking up a screw in one of my tires. Over the years we have relied on Tire Barn for help, so I turned to them once again. Jacob Higgins and his staff promptly repaired the tire and checked the other three and had me back on the road in no time! I highly recommend them!!
    Sharon - December 2017
  • I made an appointment for a tire rotation. I've learned that 'appointments' don't really matter; both times I've been here it's taken longer than the car dealership where I usually go - and they do an oil change and complete inspection too. Even though rotations are free here, I'm very tempted to just pay for it at my dealership. Why? The customer waiting area is disgusting. The chairs are either ripped (the vinyl ones) or dirty (the cloth ones). The floor is filthy. I know it's a tire shop, but I've been in other tire shops and not seen a customer waiting area so unappealing. Then the guy who brought my car to me when it was done had dirt all over his face, clothes and hands. My dealership puts down papers to protect the floor, and the drivers are clean. I know working at a tire shop is hard work, and I appreciate what they do, but as a woman customer, I'm having a hard time with going there again.
    Judy - October 2017
  • Went there for a tire to be repaired, was very helpful and responsive.
    Ronald - October 2017
  • My wife's car got a flat tire on a Friday afternoon. I'd never been to Tire Barn before, but they were the only place that had an appointment the same day. They got me in at 6PM. Based on where the puncture was, I was afraid I'd need a new tire. They took a look and determined that they could repair it instead. They repaired the tire in less than 45 minutes, and they did it free of charge! Wow... didn't expect that! :) Will definitely come back for my next tire service. Thanks!
    Chris - October 2017
  • I was very pleased with the service @ this tire barn
    Robert - October 2017
  • I purchased a $800 set of tires with the expectation of your listed rebate. At time of purchase I was told I could get the info online. When I went online I was informed for the first time that I needed to purchase with your finance card to get the rebate. I contacted your website twice with no reply. I have been denied the rebate and 6 months same as cash. What are my options?
    - October 2017
  • Smooth Ride - Long Mileage
    ROBERT - September 2017
  • Amazing service and Love my new tires! Thank you!
    Kaila - September 2017
  • Got my car in and out quickly. Super friendly as well. All future tire changes/repairs will be done here.
    Joshua - August 2017
  • Got quoted a price online at 32 a tire on sale. This was scheduled for my daughter when she got there and they did the work they charged her 62 a tire. If I would have been there this would not have happened.
    Cristina - August 2017
  • I have gotten all my tires here. They have great customer service. Super quick. Great recommendations for your car. Great products
    Rachel - August 2017
  • Free flat repair was great and quick!
    Jami - August 2017
  • Scheduled an appointment and got in and out in under an hour for 2 tires. Really quick. That being said, not much info or review on what had been done, suggested upsales, or even eye contact. Product and installation was great, customer service was lacking
    Beau - August 2017
  • I brought my car in to have the tires rotated and before I realized it, they were finished. I would highly recommend this Tire Barn.
    C - August 2017
  • Steering is better and I no longer have to worry about uneven tire wear. Done in a decent amount of time and service was good. Everything is in spec.
    Brett - June 2017
  • They customer service was excellent!!! Staff was super friendly and explained everything to me! Would definitely go back again and refer friends and family!!
    Kathrine - April 2017
  • Good deal
    Greg - April 2017
  • Using the online appointment is convenient to use.
    Michael - March 2017
  • The experience of picking out a tire online and making an appointment a week in advance was a bust. They didn't have the tires I picked and the software had pointed me to the wrong size. I also waited 2 hours after my appointment time for them to even tell me this. So I had to make a decision on the fly, over the phone, and I paid way more than I was comfortable with and waited another hour after that. However, the desk guys were nice, the tires seem like good quality and they run well.
    Leslie - March 2017
  • Great product (tires) and great customer service!
    Lauren - February 2017
  • test
    test - February 2017
  • Quick timing. Good service
    Kenzie - February 2017
  • I use my twenty year old Honda Civic as a commuter car and easily drive three to four hundred miles weekly. Michelin Defenders were the best tire available- have a 90k mfg warranty on them, ride quiet, and feel smooth. Stock wasn't available for my first appointment but they got all four tires delivered and my car scheduled in within forty eight hours. Staff were friendly, clearly communicated, and had me out in less than an hour despite the phones ringing off the hook and being swamped.
    D - February 2017
  • My appointment was at 12 p.m. and I arrived 15 minutes early and they went ahead and let me go ahead. This was on a Sunday and the service was great and employees were friendly. Satisfied!
    Joe - February 2017
  • On-line order works good for me n Tire Barn Store did a good install. Tire Barn needs to tweak their On-line order system somewhat, once you submit your order you cant edit order, filling out order 1st step to check box to drop-off vehicle or wait on vehicle well l missed this box n l had set up order to drop-off n l wanted wait-on but couldn't change my choice also ordering On-line you choose time but they dont know when tires will be at shop for inslalla TIRE BARN DIDN'T CALL n my tires were not there for my Appt., TIRE BARN COULD'VE CALLED & SAID WE'LL CALL WHEN TIRES GET TO STORE BUT TIRE BARN DIDN'T CALL SO WASTED TRIP & HAD TO TIME KILL UNTIL TIRES GOT IN, plus Customer should be able to pay On-line, at my Store they keep changing employees so theres a disconnect even though I'm a 30 year customer sooo why is employee turn-over so often? If Tire Barn isn't treating employees fairly that are actually doing the Ground Work I'm not sure if I will continue to do business with Tire Barn?
    michael - January 2017
  • The guys working were super nice and helpful dispute being super busy.
    Cassandra - December 2016
  • The staff was helpful and handled a large influx of customers quickly and with organization.
    Lydia - December 2016
  • The staff was very friendly & the service was quick, I showed up 20 mins ahead of my scheduled appointment time and they started working on my tires immediately, so I really appreciated that.
    Tiffany - August 2016
  • I was a little late getting to my appointment due to traffic but they made sure to assure me they understood and fixed my tire quickly.
    Brittany - August 2016
  • I came in about 45 minutes before closing to see about getting an alignment. They said it would be no problem and was happy to accommodate. Had good conversation with the manager while I waited.
    David - May 2016
  • The staff at Tire Barn are fantastic! They explained that the tire patch was free since I had purchased the tires there before and they got my vehicle in immediately. They were fast and I was out the door before I knew it. They are truly wonderful!
    Heather - April 2016
  • My tires were put on great and the service that was performed was fast and hassle free.
    Greg - April 2016
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