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7980 North Michigan Road
Indianapolis, IN 46268

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What People Are Saying:

  • rides great and looks sharp on the car
    ed - March 2018
  • Repair work was ok nd they kept me informed of the progress.
    Carlett - January 2018
  • I replaced all 4 wheels on the car in December. Not even a month later, I get a flat tire. I take it to the shop on a Saturday, and they let know the tire is irreparable, and a new one will have to be ordered, and should be in stock by Tuesday. Just before leaving and taking the car with me, which now has the spare tire on, they inform me the flat the car was on stopped working, and they needed to keep the car over the weekend, because of an equipment malfunction. The assistant manager calls me over the phone, tells me he will be waiving the warranty cost on the new tire, as an apology for the inconvenience of having to leave the car over the weekend. Come Tuesday, I get a call, and I'm informed the tire will not be in stock on Tuesday, as I was told previously. When I go pick up my car on Thursday, I talk to the same assistance Manager, and he denies promising to waive the cost of the new tire's warranty. Overall, awful experience, from a customer service standpoint.
    Aymane - January 2018
  • Installation did not take very long.
    Randy - January 2018
  • Very much good
    Juan - January 2018
  • Very great product would use again very good
    Juan - January 2018
  • Mr. Ben Crouch and now Mr. Dell were very courteous, knowledgeable, Ben give me a very good deal!
    J - January 2018
  • Good selection, Knowledgeable tech, courteous reps, and techs, appointments almost on time, I'm very satisfied with the Store, the people, and the products!
    J - January 2018
  • My hat goes off the the team at Tire Barn for doing a great job and for the pain the guys had to be in on such a cold day. I am completely happy with the service provided.
    Rick - January 2018
  • It was easy to find the tires I wanted and make an appointment online. I dropped my car off at 9am and headed back to work, thinking it'd take awhile for them to do everything, but they called about an hour later to let me know they were finished. Customer service was also really great and even though I only got 2 new tires, they guaranteed all 4 and will fix any of them should I have any issues.
    Katie - December 2017
  • I have been dealing with Tire Barn for over 10 years everything has been great regarding prices despite having a few minor infractions with the quality. Nothing is perfect I will not do business anywhete else.
    Larry - December 2017
  • i had an appointment but still waited over an hour to get the tire pressure checked
    jennifer - December 2017
  • Keep up the great work
    ROBERT - December 2017
  • Keep up the great 6
    ROBERT - December 2017
  • I always get great service at Tire Barn. The staff is curtious and knowledgable, and the pricing on their products is hard to beat. I have bought all of my tires at Tire Barn and have no reason to go anywhere else.
    Matt - December 2017
  • While our tires have been okay, they seem to lose air more than the originals did. It took 6 visits to get the last one fixed!!
    Richard - December 2017
  • The service I received was great. I was treated with respect. The wait time was minimal (about an hour). Would buy again from Tire Barn.
    David - November 2017
  • Excellent feel. Quiet tires. Exceptional service. In and out. Felt like employees enjoyed their job even at the end of the day.
    Patrick - November 2017
  • My service was completed very quickly and I was given detailed information about what was done. Excellent experience!
    Mike - October 2017
  • After having a terrible experience the last time I "walked-in" here to get a nail in a tire repaired, waiting over 2 1/2 hrs., I called & spoke to Dale, explained that I had a nail in my tire, and that I found out after my last "walk-in" experience I needed to schedule an appt. for faster service. He asked me if I could come right over, and I was in and out of there in a little over a half hour. He was very pleasant. I will be back!
    Stacie - October 2017
  • They fixed my tire..haven't had no problems yet
    Stphanie - October 2017
  • i've gone to this store 2x now i wouldn't go to any other store for tires the manager is dare i say marvelous very professional and informative i've recommended tire barn to family and friends i wish tire barn was full service..oil change etc
    Gina - October 2017
  • Thanks so much
    ROBERT - October 2017
  • Spent 3 times at this shop.Had to go to Penske to fix their mistakes and they wouldn't take care of the whole bill. Stuck me with 363.00 and lost half a days wages. I had bought tires for all three of my boys here and now my wife's car for the past 7 years.Not even a what can we do to get your business back.Very,very disappointed!!!You have lost more than my business!
    Jeff - September 2017
    Jeff - September 2017
  • I got my tires replaced. They were open on Labor Day. I made an appt, but apparently made it at the wrong location. They still squeezed me in without appointment and I had my new tires within 1 hour. Service was excellent, and I am happy with my tires and the price!
    Laura - September 2017
  • I was finally ready to replace my rims . They made the whole process eady for me. Great staff and workmanship .
    Crystal - August 2017
  • I have only used Tire Barn for years. They really take care of their customers. Spend the extra for insurance on your tires, it pays off when you need it!
    Christopher - August 2017
  • I scheduled an an appointment to have my wheel aligned. My appt. was at 9 am I dropped my truck off at 8. 3 1/2 hrs. later my front end stiil wasn't aligned. I was told initially that my cam nut was larger than any tool that they had ( I've had an alignment done on this truck at this location b4). The technician went to a parts store and purchased a new wrench. An hour later the manager informed me that they couldn't break the nut free to do the job. I purchase all of my tires from this location...normally satisfied..but NOT THIS TIME!!!!
    Michael - August 2017
  • Tire Barn has always taken great care of our cars, and my most recent visit was no exception. I brought my car in with a flat tire in the middle of the afternoon, had wi-fi while I waited (and could have watched TV if I had wanted to), and was finished and home in time for dinner.
    James - August 2017
  • Showed up right after they opened, said I had a screw/nail in my tire could they take a look at it. An hour later my car was still sitting where it was in the parking lot. Asked how much longer, was told they had appointments (which you can't make online, the system doesn't work,and I was told it didn't matter because they online system didn't match to their in store system and didn't have the correct appointment times) and they could get me back in about 20 minutes. Finally got my car back in 30. Guy came out and showed me the small screw told me that it hadn't punctured my tire, and he would put my wheel back on so I could go. 20 minutes later car still not finished. I asked again and was told he was "putting the tire on now" I said " I was told that earlier". Then he said "Well he found a small hole and had to fix it". Great for finding & fixing the hole, but would have been nice to be TOLD that. Communication is not good and they move at a snails pace. Went to check out and was told it was $20. I said that I thought it was free if I got my tires there, "Oh, I didn't know you got them here, yeah there is no charge". I told him I had gotten them at the Greenwood location, and apparently their systems don't work together, so had I not known about the free service, I would have been charged the $20. You computers and website all need to be updated to work together for a smoother overall business function. And tech's they need to work with urgency, most people have other things they have to do, like go to work.
    Stacie - August 2017
  • The guys at this Tire Barn location were very friendly and helpful...and not just on tires. I had mentioned an issue regarding plumbing and one of the guys just happened to have worked as a master plumber before. He not only gave me great info about my tires but helped with a plumbing issue I had also. Great people willing to help!
    Kimberly - August 2017
  • I have found that Tire Barn consistently beats others on price and they have very good service. I normally use the TB on north Michigan Rd. Indianapolis IN and have never had anything but good from them. Will continue using them.
    James - August 2017
  • My husband and I have been a customer of Tire Barn for some time. I have always been pleased with tire purchases and service. Twice in the last few years I have had needed a repair rather than a replacement. The service was free and the employees were kind, friendly and fun. This simple act of repairing my tire and not trying to push a new set of tires on me is unusual in my experience. As a teacher with a tight budget, I appreciate not trying to sold a product I do not need.
    Lara - July 2017
  • I visited without an appointment to repair a tire with a nail. The front desk person was friendly and helpful. My car was worked on as soon as someone was available. They did a great job on the repair and the technician was also friendly and respectful. This location on Michigan Road in Indianapolis has served us on several occasions and always does a good job. Highly recommend!
    Keith - July 2017
  • They deserve a raise
    Connor - July 2017
  • I replaced the tires on my 13 year old van with Tire Barn. This was the 4th time I have used them (multiple cars) and was a great experience again.
    Jeff - July 2017
  • needed a new tire and he replaced it and put the spare back in the trunk and also put my other trunk items back in place. He was kind and friendly. He also answered every question i had.
    Amie - July 2017
  • I had my car in to have the leaking tire looked at. The service was quick and the staff was friendly and helpful! The bonus is that they were able to patch my tire!
    Julie - July 2017
  • Anything was great .
    Gladys - June 2017
  • Was told it would be an hour wait. However after over 3 hours to get a plug in my tire I finally was taken care of. I wish they would have been up front on the wait. I would have come back another time.
    Brian - June 2017
  • always helpful Staff and quick. Had a small nail in my tire which was promptly repaired and I was back on the road
    Nicole - June 2017
  • Super easy to work with. Had me in and out in under two hours. Price matched with price found at Costco.
    Elizabeth - June 2017
  • I called the store at approximately 3:30-4:00 PM. I was told the two tires I needed were in stock and would cost $ 53.00 plus sales tax, all else included. I asked if they could fit me in and finish me before closing. The answer was yes. I had removed the wheels from my car and brought them to the store. After waiting an hour, I asked what was going on. Only one of the tires could be found. They said they could sell me two different tires or I could pick up the wheels with the tires quoted the next day. I chose to come back the next day and the invoice had the tires at 63.99 each, but they would discount them to $ 53.99 for my trouble, actually a higher price than quoted.
    Sally - June 2017
  • Very helpful and get it right. Do not try to take advantage of the customer.
    Irving - June 2017
  • Thanks for the outstanding service keep up the great work ok
    ROBERT - June 2017
  • I had to change my preferred tire order because the store could only get 2 of the four tires I needed. No explanation was given and direct follow-up with me was non-existent. Over several weeks time, I had to go to the store location, wait in line AGAIN, and get an update. If I had not changed my order, I am convinced I'd still be waiting. That should not happen!
    Kevin - June 2017
  • There customer service is wonderful and completed my service in a timely manner.
    Yolanda - June 2017
  • In and out within 30 minutes. Tires were a great deal, could immediately feel and improved ride.
    Landon - June 2017
  • Nice job done while we were traveling and needed help. And I left my credit card there. They called, said it was in the safe. I returned and got it.
    Conway - May 2017
  • Came in for potentially $200 worth of service and explained the issues. Technician said he'd evaluate and let me know. Turns out his retail was only $20 and drives like new. Thanks!!!
    David - May 2017
  • This is my third visit to this location in the past month. Due to a string of bad luck, I have had to replace one tire and punctured another that was able to be repaired. On this visit I had to replace the same previously punctured tire, due to a new hole. Kevin was able to assist me and get me on my way in a timely fashion as I travel for my job (and my car is my office). I appreciate how quickly they were able to get the tires ordered and get me out the door with the new one installed. Will always recommend and return to this tire barn in the future for any needs although I hope for the time being that I am set and won't encounter any more accidents. Thanks again!!
    Nicole - May 2017
  • Flat tire repair i requested was done in the timely manner, 8 days later - still no leak.
    Vladimir - May 2017
  • The only reason that I gave this place 4 stars was that when I went to pay, somehow my statement was DOUBLE the price I had been quoted online in my email. That said, I was able to present that email and get the price I had previously been quoted. Take your proof with you and be prepared to show it and you should be fine.
    Kelsee - May 2017
  • I schedule an installation time for a specific type of tire, which was confirmed online. When I got there, they did not have the tire I wanted in stock and offered the model up at the same price. They offered extra services, but no high pressure sales. There were other customers in the store at the time. One thought he had a leak in a tire - they inspected and said there was nothing wrong and didn't charge anything. Another brought in a wheel from a lawn tractor which they inspected, filled with air and didn't charge. Very good customer service and I would trust their opinion
    Tim - May 2017
  • Tire balance and rotation.
    Michael - May 2017
  • Purchased several sets of tires, always have the best prices. Service is quick. Setting appointments online for rotation and balance easy, get in and out quickly.
    Jerry - May 2017
  • Good Tires for the price.
    C. - May 2017
  • job completed quicker than expected
    Rita - April 2017
  • I purchase a set of tires online and the list of services included a free wheel alignment check. I ask the guy if my alignment looked okay and he said that it was not checked because that is something that has to be scheduled on a different appointment because they only had one alignment machine. He stated that he didnt notice any uneven tire wear. Why would a tire company sell you new tires and not check the wheel alignment? I will never buy from Tire Barn again.
    Jay - April 2017
  • I was so skeptical about finding a tire dealership that wouldn't put money above quality!!! Tire Barn was so great!!! Kevin was so tired and overworked, but he was so nice and gave 110% customer satisfaction.... Thank you, Kevin!!!! He is also a great crew leader. I observed co-workers asking him for help many times. Kevin was so nice and displayed the exception ability to provide customer service and help the less than seasonal co-workers with issues they were having.
    Elena - April 2017
  • I always enjoy going to this Tire Barn store. The staff is friendly, and when I arrive for my appointment, I have no waiting. The job is always well done and the staff works to get me out of there as quickly as possible. Timeliness is very important to me.
    Chalmer - April 2017
  • Guys were nice and fixed my tire just had to wait 1 hour
    Tonya - April 2017
  • Staff were extremely polite and helpful. Service was quick and price competitive. I would recommend Tire Barn to anyone looking for speedy courteous service.
    Yvonne - April 2017
  • my car drives great with my new tires. thank you very much
    Jamie - April 2017
  • Outstanding service Everything as promised
    Tom - April 2017
  • All ways come here with all my cars
    Jim - April 2017
  • Keep good work.
    Dr. - April 2017
  • I blew a tire and needed it repaired quickly. Even though it was 20 minutes before closing and I was willing to drop off the tire and come back the next day, the staff insisted on solving the problem immediately. Not only did they repair my tire but they worked with my tire protection insurance company via phone and fax to ensure I had no out of pocket expense. They even got the insurance company to purchase the tire protection plan on their own. I drove away, tire installed and spare returned under my truck well over an hour after closing feeling like a valued customer. Thank you!
    Joseph - April 2017
  • Very comfortable ride with my new Yokohama tires.
    Cheryl - April 2017
  • Very helpful
    Dawn - March 2017
  • I got prompt service, and they found my previous receipt and insurance from different Tire Barn store and so I only had to pay tax and insurance on a brand new tire. I have used Tire Barn in the past and will always use them, if needed, in the future. Great service.
    Thomas - March 2017
  • Got a new tire, made an appointment but they were running behind so took a little while. Employees were nice and helpful.
    Alison - March 2017
  • Treated fairly and did not feel pressured.
    Lisa - March 2017
  • Rotate and Balance...good service as always
    E. - March 2017
  • Needed new tires and bought my previous set here as well. Great service as before.
    Jon - March 2017
  • I always get good service
    L - March 2017
  • Best pricing that I could find locally. Online appointment feature made my experience quick and easy.
    George - March 2017
  • All ways go there for tires
    Jim - March 2017
  • Best product
    Jack - February 2017
  • I was very pleased that the people at the tire barn fixed my tire quickly, and they were extremely friendly.
    Drew - February 2017
  • Over the past several months in the past, I've experienced a lot of tire issues and all the time Tire Barn has been very helpful in taking care of my car.
    Yolanda - February 2017
  • My tires were very expensive, I pulled them up online and they were much cheaper but when I got to the store the guy said that they were wrong priced and he did not honor what it said online
    Leesa - February 2017
  • My favorite part about this store is the service. Everyone is friendly, knowledgeable, respectable, and courteous. It really seems like their goal is good customer service and punctual service.
    Ty - February 2017
  • You guys are the greatest!!!!!! I have complete confidence in you and appreciate all your advice. Other tire barnsize in this city don't compare to you.
    Caroline - February 2017
  • I use the Tire Barn location at 79th and 421in NW Indianapolis. I return there because repairs are done correctly. No bs, ever!
    Mark - February 2017
  • I needed new tires and came to your facility to purchase them. I love them, very good quality and the guy assisting me was excellent. Thanks Ben!
    Cathy - February 2017
  • Got tires rotated and they repaired a seal on one tire, all as part of service agreement for buying tires at Tire Barn.
    Jeff - February 2017
  • Quick in, quick out, excellent service in between.
    Joel - January 2017
  • Alignment
    Shannon - January 2017
  • The tech that assisted me was thorough in making sure that I got exactly what I needed that day. It was efficient and much appreciated.
    NULL - January 2017
  • The man who waited on me was very courteous, thoughtful and did things promptly.
    Jeniffer - January 2017
  • Associate explained the camber and toe adjustments in a way that I could understand what the tires were doing on the road. I've had dozens of alignments done over 30+ years, and this was the first time I actually understood what the tech was saying!!
    Bob - January 2017
  • We were able to come back 5 min before closing time to do our lugnut check before our trip the next morning to Ohio. Great customer service.
    Kelly - December 2016
  • Both workers were nice, no hassle, performed and explained requested services.
    Melisa - December 2016
  • They did good, timely work. I was welcomed and treated professionally.
    Tony - November 2016
  • The fact that when I brought my car in and my tire was completely in shreds and they were able to fix it right away. I was very pleased.
    Jennifer - November 2016
  • Simple tire rotation and balance. I was in and out in 30 minutes. I've done this many times over the years.
    Dave - September 2016
  • The tires had to be picked up from another store but it was done a timely basis.
    David - August 2016
  • The gentleman walked me through all that needed to be done, talked about rebates and different options, and was courteous. The repair was completed in a very timely manner.
    Gina - June 2016
  • I called before I arrived to check if there were appointments available. A bay opened up just as we finished the work order and they started on my car promptly. The work was done quickly.
    Edward - June 2016
  • I have been going to Tire Barn for a long time now and the deals are reasonable and the customer care is real so I will keep going as long as it continues.
    Lydia - May 2016
  • Technician explained what what was wrong with my tire and corrected the problem.
    Vernon - May 2016
  • When I asked questions they answered to the best of their knowledge
    Dyneshia - April 2016
  • I was greeted in a friendly and professional manner. The work was performed quickly and efficiently.
    Tony - April 2016
  • Sales clerk was helpful and knew a lot. Communicated effectively.
    Irving - April 2016
  • Your sales person at the counter took time to make sure he could match existing tires I had on the front and to inspect my spare and show me it had dry rooted. He suggested we use the rest of the tires being taken off as the spare. I am very glad he che
    Bill - April 2016
  • The staff was friendly and knowledgeable.
    Leandreum - April 2016
  • They were very professional and quick.
    Morgan - March 2016
  • Professional staff and fixed my flat tire for free!
    Ann - March 2016
  • Prompt service, clear explanation of problem and repair. Very satisfied.
    Richard - September 2015
  • All employees were exceptionally helpful.
    Shawn - September 2015
  • The friendliness of the staff and their willingness helped me through a process I know very little about. They didn't make me feel "stupid." They were very respectful of my ignorance.
    Candy - September 2015
  • I so appreciate their kindness, explanations and assistance.
    Penny - September 2015
  • Service was performed quickly and efficiently. I was very satisfied with this service. Your employees are to be commended. Thank you.
    David - September 2015
  • Your employee, Ben was really nice. He explained everything clearly. Very professional. Love the location and everyone was polite.
    Judy - September 2015
  • Kindness and willingness to take me to and from work.
    Amanda - August 2015
  • I have been a customer sence 1995 and happy all the way.
    Dwight - August 2015
  • They were fast. I was on my way to work and they hooked me up and had me on my way in no time.
    Russell - August 2015
  • Trevor was extremely helpful and thorough.
    Rachel - August 2015
  • I've gotten tires here before, and I like the job they did then.
    Carmen - August 2015
  • Helpful. Did the work in good time.
    Jeff - August 2015
  • The technician who sold me the tires gave me good general information.
    Adrienne - August 2015
  • Ben seems honest, that is unfortunately somewhat rare in a lot of places.
    Brad - August 2015
  • Excellent customer service.
    Steve - August 2015
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