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Gordon Chace

Purcellville, VA

Recent Customer Testimonials

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  • 05/26/2016

    Everything goes smooth at this Tire Barn! It's always a good experience and it's always fast and efficient!

    -- Jeff (Avon, IN)

  • 05/26/2016

    The manager stayed past closing to get my tires installed.

    -- Adam (Anderson, IN)

  • 05/26/2016

    My sales associate was very patient and friendly. The service person worked on my car very quickly and I was in and out in no time at all!

    -- Leslie (Highland, IN)

  • 05/28/2016

    Without an appointment, they quickly helped with finding a nail in my tire and fixed it without delay.

    -- Carol/Joe (Knoxville, TN)

  • 05/28/2016

    Thank you so much for taking care of me right at closing time. My favorite part was how down to earth all the guys were. It was like a shop of buddies I've had forever.

    -- Rachelle (Valparaiso, IN)

  • 05/31/2016

    I have been buying tires at this place for about 10 years or more.

    -- Roger (Michigan City, IN)

  • 05/31/2016

    The work was performed quickly and to my satisfaction. I would recommend this location to my friends.

    -- Scott (Fort Wayne, IN)

  • 05/31/2016

    I had an unusual tire and they repaired and was very helpful. I love the great service.

    -- Angela (Anderson, IN)

  • 05/31/2016

    I kept receiving calls when the Tire Barn team needed to explain something to me or when I needed to approve the tire alignment.

    -- Jackie (Indianapolis, IN)

  • 05/31/2016

    Associates were quick to help and explained benefits of choosing Tire Barn. Service was completed quickly and I am very happy with the finished product.

    -- Zach (Columbus, IN)

Recent Customer Tire Reviews

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  • 03/25/2016 - Michelin - Premier AS

    No tires can beat Michelin tires.

  • 03/18/2016 - Goodyear - Fortera HL

    Great tires. The ride is very smooth.

  • 03/19/2016 - BFGoodrich - Rugged Terrain TA

    I really enjoy these tires, great traction, look, and feel. My concern was around road noise and ride comfort and these tires deliver great results on both.

  • 03/22/2016 - BLACKLION - CILERRO BH15

    Tires have held up well. Good traction in the rain. Overall good value.

  • 03/18/2016 - Economy - Performance

    Reasonably priced, good looking, efficient.

  • 03/29/2016 - Yokohama - AVID Ascend

    Much better ride with these tires.

  • 03/25/2016 - Goodyear - Assurance ComforTred Touring

    Really like these tires for the Honda Odyssey van. Very comfortable and had them on before and got about 60k out of them and didnt have to change them but wanted to before it became an issue. Very happy with these.

  • 04/04/2016 - Goodyear - Assurance ComforTred Touring

    About to purchase another set of these tires. I replaced the original tires that came with the car. Had 4 or 5 flats with originals, none with the Goodyears.

  • 03/20/2016 - Goodyear - Assurance ComforTred Touring

    Smooth ride, low road noise and great traction.

  • 04/16/2016 - Goodyear - Assurance CS TripleTred All Season

    After 1 year, exactly what I expected (or hoped for). Good ride, good traction, good tread wear!

  • 05/20/2016 - Michelin - Defender

    I am a firm believer in Michelin tires. They do a great job in any weather. I highly recommend them.

  • 05/20/2016 - Goodyear - Wrangler SR-A

    Price was right and the ride was smooth with good bite during incliment weather.

  • 05/20/2016 - Economy - All Season

    A great value, I have had no experience with them on snow but traction on wet pavement has been good. When the time arrives for replacement I would not hesitate to purchase again.

  • 06/01/2016 - Dunlop - Signature II

    Tire quality appears to be appropriate for what I paid. I don't expect to have to replace them anytime soon. Very smooth and comfortable ride.

  • 05/20/2016 - Goodyear - Wrangler DuraTrac

    Very nice tires. Wouldn't hesitate at all purchasing these tires again.

  • 05/20/2016 - Yokohama - AVID ENVigor

    This is my second pair of Yokohama the first ones lasted me almost 90,000 and still had life in them. ROTATION IS THE KEY.

  • 05/21/2016 - Michelin - Latitude Tour TR

    I commute 120+ miles daily and am very comfortable having the MNA Michelins on my vehicle. Traction is superb, the ride is smooth and I got them at a great price. Would definitely purchase again!

  • 05/19/2016 - Kelly - Safari ATR

    Since I have purchased these tires, I have had great traction in all weather!!! They are comfortable, and haven't worn yet! Really like them!

  • 05/20/2016 - Goodyear - Assurance ComforTred Touring

    I have been very happy with these tires so far. I feel I got good value for the money I paid for them.

  • 05/19/2016 - Goodyear - Eagle LS-2 ROF

    Amazing the number of miles I got out of these tires. Unexpected for a set of run flats. That's why I replaced with the exact same set. No reason to change.

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