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N Ridgeville, OH

Recent Customer Testimonials

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  • 07/21/2018

    This store is great! Recent problem with bent rim and blown tire. Spoke with Shane on phone. He got me right in-able to fix and at a very reasonable price. Any time I stop there all the guys are extremely friendly and very efficient at their jobs!

    -- Shelly

  • 07/21/2018

    Great place! Great customer service, recommended to anyone looking for tires. The manager William really helped get the right tire for our needs. Thanks again

    -- Bejamin hudak

  • 07/20/2018

    Larry did a great job of giving me awesome service and a great deal. The friendly staff had me in and on my way very quickly. Definitely will keep giving them my business!!

    -- Michelle Thomas McDowell

  • 07/19/2018

    These guys fixed my tire for $17.50 ..a werk later they fixed it again for free.. A month later they replaced it for free! Great service and money value

    -- David Rinker

  • 07/19/2018

    Excellent job done by all! Cody,and Chris were super nice and even when the order was wrong they made it right! I’d suggest anyone needing tires etc go here! Thanks again for everything!

    -- Jillene Stafford Johnson

  • 07/18/2018

    Went in for a rotation and Andy was able to get me in quickly and out. I was on a tight schedule and they made it fast! Great customer service and work! Will come back for all my tire needs!

    -- Chris Birkey

  • 07/18/2018

    Adam was very helpful and knowledgeable when I came in to purchase my new rims and tires. He made the whole experience very easy and explained everything perfectly. I would recommend Tire Barn to my family and friends.

    -- Laurie Godwin

  • 07/18/2018

    Came in for a rotation on a tight schedule. Andy was able to get me rotated in a very short time and got me out quickly. They didn't try to upsell things I didn't need, were fast and friendly! Great experience, will come back for my tire needs in the future! Thanks again!

    -- Chris Birkey

  • 07/16/2018

    It was my first time having a flat tire while traveling. I'd never been in a Tire Barn, and Larry helped make it an effortless visit. The team fixed our tire and had us out on the road in under an hour. Very impressed! Hopefully there isn't a next time, but if so, I'll always head to Tire Barn for any tire issues.

    -- Naomi Hormann

  • 07/16/2018

    They do a good job for the most part. You still have to make sure that they do what they charge you for because a couple of times I had charges for things they didnt do.

    -- Joshua Russ

  • 07/16/2018

    There air conditioning was down to one unit, but it was comfortable for me in the waiting area. Was busy, so had to wait over an hour before our vehicle was on the rack. Walked to the nearest restaurant to kill some time. The tires and balancing was done. Will see what the insurance is like down the road when and if you need to use it. First time coming to this place.

    -- Faye Philips

  • 07/15/2018

    Saturday July 14th I headed from Springfield Ohio to Indianapolis to pick up a very old rescue dog that had already been passed off during transport 3 different times. Just outside of Indy I hit a piece of MDF on the Interstate. I went to a little, dirty tire shop and had it plugged. It didn't hold pressure. Made temporary arrangements for the dog and made my way to Wal-Mart on Washington who over 2 hours from closing would not help me (at this point I was just going to buy a new tire even though my tires were new already!) My daughter said she had seen your shop as we went to Wal-Mart. We pulled in at 4:59. When I asked if you were closing and was told yes, I lost it and started crying my story. Your tech not only said he would help but was able to find a second hole and fixed it too. If I lived in Indy you would have my business for life. I'm upset with myself for not getting his name but he knows who he is! My daughter and I and Shadow the very old beagle thank you from the bottom of our hearts. P.S. to make a long story other rear tire also had a hole in it. Pressure lasted 132 miles home and went flat overnight. Someone was watching out for us!

    -- Misti Durst

  • 07/15/2018

    The north Anderson Tire Barn always provides excellent service. Had tires rotated today at no cost! For new tires, tire repairs, and low pressure sensor troubleshooting you cannot find a better or more reasonably priced option.

    -- Jay Cole

  • 07/14/2018

    Once again I walk (drive) out of Tire Barn an absolutely happy customer.. Mike, Lonnie and the team here are simply the BEST. 2 sets of tires in 2 days, and 2 vehicles that ride like new! One rides better than new as we moved from forktruck ( tires in favor of REAL tires. WOW is all I can say?

    -- Curt Hadley

  • 07/14/2018

    Best price in town. Went to Discount Tire and Costco. Tire barn had a better deal and service. Brian was knowledgeable and professional. Steve didn’t waste anytime installing. Way quicker then other tire shops. Thanks Tire Barn.

    -- Troy Bermes

Recent Customer Tire Reviews

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  • 07/04/2017 - Kelly - Edge A/S

    1st 1000 miles. Handle well and grip the road in wet weather. Surprisingly love the sidewall look. Lightweight tire for a 17" size. Meaty tread should do well in the snow this winter.

  • 06/23/2017 - Yokohama - Tornante

    I have had these on my Buick Lucerne. I drive very hard and these tires handle well especially in rain and provide a soft ride. I just bought another set after going back to recompare all brands. I couldn't find a better tire for the money.

  • 06/19/2017 - Michelin - Defender

    Great tires. They meet our needs.

  • 06/18/2017 - Pirelli - Scorpion STR

    I love these tires. They look great and perform great!

  • 06/18/2017 - Goodyear - Assurance All Season

    So far so good. Great wet traction!

  • 06/16/2017 - Economy - All Season

    The tires are a great value for the money. They hold traction well and the road noise is minimal. Would def purchase again.

  • 06/16/2017 - Goodyear - Assurance Fuel Max

    This is my second set of these tires, I really like them. They have great traction, gets me through Pennsylvania winters and rain storms. Not noisy, seem to be wearing even. Comfortable ride. Had one set on a civic and now on my elantra. Got them to order them because these were what I wanted to go with again.

  • 06/15/2017 - Economy - All Season

    Will be purchasing my next two tires here.

  • 06/14/2017 - Yokohama - Tornante

    I switched from Avid Ascends to these on a Toyota Sienna after sliding out and spinning anytime the road was damp. These are fantastic tires for a great price.

  • 06/05/2017 - Yokohama - Tornante

    The Tornante has quiet ride, it’s great in the rain, and very good in the snow. These tires are on my Honda Pilot with 4 wheel drive. These tires inspire confidence when riding in less than satisfactory conditions. Little or no tread ware in the 8 months that I have owned them, highly recommended!

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