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Recent Customer Testimonials

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  • 12/13/2018

    Manager is super nice and very knowledgeable, associates are also fast and friendly, tire barn is a great place to purchade tires, competitive pricing.

    -- Warren Oaks

  • 12/12/2018

    Very knowledgeable manager took the time to explain my tire's condition then did not try to over sell me. His crew fixed my tires and i was out the door headed back to work in no time. .

    -- Marc

  • 12/11/2018

    Vehicle tire installation was just initiated at the time we were originally told the vehicle would be completed. Updates of a delay would have been appreciated.

    -- CAIN

  • 12/11/2018

    They did an excellent job on my tires and was able to get the rim to fit im very thankful that they was able to help me out. And the guys were very nice and respectful and just didnt think i didn't know what i was talking about since im a woman.

    -- Krista Cronk

  • 12/11/2018

    After going through a horrible tire fiasco at Walmart, this place was a breath of fresh air. They actually knew what they were talking about, and got us the tires we wanted! Definitely will come back in the future for tires.

    -- Victoria D.E.R

  • 12/10/2018

    I went to Tire Barn intent on purchasing a particular brand of tire. Steve recommended a brand with better track record & warranty as well as better savings on total price. Thanks again for your professionalism and courteous manner. Your helpfulness far exceeded my expectations. Will definitely return for future tire purchases.

    -- Joseph Price

  • 12/10/2018

    I would recommend tire barn to family & friends ... service was excellent.. wait time good... and Shanelle was very friendly & professional in helping me with my tire problem...

    -- Connie Samson

  • 12/10/2018

    I love this place.I got my tires rotated and M Ibrahima-Moudi and T.Papenbrock found a wood-screw lodged in my front driver side tire.These guys are consistently good!!!This is where I go for the best tires and followup!ds

    -- Don Smith

  • 12/09/2018

    Bought tires almost three years ago, was pretty sure that I had purchased road hazard warranty, but couldn't find receipts. Store manager looked up the receipt, and I was covered. Left front tire was losing air, turned out it was a bent rim. Repair was still covered. I was very impressed and thankful.

    -- Richard Sutorius

  • 12/08/2018

    I got there late in the evening and they took really good care of my truck. Outstanding job. I think I know where I'll always go for tires from now on. Thanks again to such a good job.

    -- Will Riffe

  • 12/08/2018

    Have now purchased 3 sets of tires from Tire Barn Marion, IN and have been very pleased with price, performance, advice, service, and courtesy. I was having trouble with a tire previously and they did troubleshooting & refill for free at least 3 times. They're fast, fair, and pleasant to work with. You get all my tire business from now on.

    -- KONRAD

  • 12/07/2018

    I have always came to the Lafayette tire barn for all of my tire needs with my last visit there spending over $1700 on new tires and rims. However, I have moved within the last year and found myself at the Columbus Indiana store with a screw n my tire. Staff here told me it would be a $20 charge if I didn't purchase the roadhazard thing so not knowing if I had or not I called the Lafayette store to ask. Well, my tires had to be purchased through somewhere else due to tire barn not carrying what I wanted in their stock so therefore no roadhazard was offered. But Mike in Lafayette told me that he would call the Columbus store and see that I was taken care of for free today regardless of any roadhazard pkg. And also informed me anytime I was back in Lafayette that he would do free tire rotation and anything else needed for me. 2 hrs away from Lafayette yet Mike took better care of me there then the crew here in Columbus. Hats off to u Lafayette. thank you

    -- Peetie remaly

  • 12/06/2018

    Awesome job and customer service. They always take care of you here, even if they are fully booked. They try to fit you in best they can. I have always gotten my tires changed here. They have the best prices in Knoxville and if they dont, they give an awesome price match and will beat the competitors price most of the time. The manager here is one of the nicest people i have met. Try them for your next service.

    -- Wei Huang

  • 12/04/2018

    Overall the service provided was very good and timely, although, the cost of my new tire was less than the same tire was 6 months ago, I don't recall being quoted the actual price until time for payment.

    -- ROSALYN

  • 12/04/2018

    The manager there Travis has helped me out several times as I have multiple vehicles and obviously tires on all of them from fixing a tire pressure monitoring system sensor 2 finding me a tire that is Affordable to put on my vehicles the staff here is helpful knowledgeable and definitely provides Speedy service I will continue to be loyal to the Tire Barn because they have been so good to us

    -- Dustin Wheeldon

Recent Customer Tire Reviews

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  • 12/13/2018 - Kelly - Edge A/S (235/65R17)


  • 12/09/2018 - Kelly - Edge A/S (215/55R17)

    Good value; smooth ride; a little slipping when wet braking; no big problems; have driven them for 2 years, about 20,000 miles.

  • 11/27/2018 - Goodyear - Assurance ComforTred Touring (235/60R18)

    Best Tires so far for my car

  • 11/13/2018 - Kelly - Edge HP (235/45R18)

    Replaced the OEM Bridgestone tires that were worn out at 40,000 miles. The tires are quiet, provide good traction and have a good ride quality. The tires now have 40,000 miles and have far exceeded the Bridgestone tires. Should be able to get another 20,000 to 30,000 miles on the tires. The tires are a good value and I would definitely purchase again.

  • 11/11/2018 - Goodyear - Assurance ComforTred Touring (235/60R17)

    I put these on an AWD 2014 Ford Escape a 3 years ago and so far I have 84,000 miles on them. I do rotate every 5000 miles. Currently have about 5/32 of tread left. These tires have been quiet, go straight down the road and have excellent snow traction for an all season tire.

  • 11/08/2018 - Yokohama - AVID Touring-S (205/55R16)

    Love the brand.

  • 10/27/2018 - Michelin - Premier AS (195/65R15)

    I am surprised how quiet are these Michelin Premier tires. I don't remember them sliding on sharp turns.

  • 10/24/2018 - Goodyear - Assurance ComforTred Touring (205/65R16)

    It is a great tire! The most quite tire out there.

  • 10/15/2018 - Michelin - Latitude Tour HP (235/65R17)

    Miles was a great help as we walked in early this morning. We brought in two vehicles and he made sure we purchased good tires with a reasonable price. Very honest and friendly service. We will be back!

  • 10/10/2018 - Goodyear - Eagle F1 Asymmetric A/S (235/50R18)

    We had these tires installed on 2009 Cadillac CTS at approx 165,000 miles. This car had ran Michelin previously. We experience cupping on all four corners which resulted in excessive tire noise, always beginning at approx 5,000 miles and the tires were pretty well worn out at 37-42000 miles. Several service facilities including Cadillac dealerships could not find any alignment or suspension issues. Michelins were always rotated at each oil change and proper pressures were continually monitored. At approx. 165,000 we had Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric All-Season installed 28 months ago. Sense then this car has traveled over 66,000 miles on these Goodyears. These tires are starting to sing but still no cupping and are still showing 6-7/32 of tread left. Face it, 50 series tires aren't known for ride but these Goodyears have demonstrated superior ride and handling characteristics over the previous brand tires. This car appears to have a tremendous amount of life left in it yet, so,we will probably be purchasing these Goodyears again, when a sale comes up.

  • 10/08/2018 - Kelly - Edge A/S (225/60R16)

    Great value! Cheap and get me around in snow. :)

  • 10/08/2018 - Yokohama - AVID Touring-S (225/60R16)

    Can't believe how well these handle in bad weather. Best traction I've ever had!

  • 10/08/2018 - Yokohama - Tornante (225/60R16)

    45,000 miles into them. Not even halfway down on the tread! Still bite the ground like new. Still give a quite and excellent ride.

  • 10/08/2018 - Economy - All Season (205/55R16)

    Looking for cheap *$$ drift spares? Burn these, stupid cheap and last a while. good for daily and drifting.

  • 09/29/2018 - Kelly - Edge A/T (275/65R18)

    These seem to grip in wet and slick conditions better then the wranglers and dueler at. They are also a very quiet ride compared to other tires I have had in the past. I drive an average of 40-50k miles a year on road, and 3-4k off road.

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