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  • 08/23/2016

    Repaired a tire that still had life on it to save me some money. They could have just charged me for a new tire. They knew I was on a budget and explained that they could just repair the tire instead of replacing it with a new one.

    -- Alex (Fort Wayne, IN)

  • 08/25/2016

    Everyone I came in contact with was very polite and friendly. I was told the work would take about an hour, which it did. Not having to wait extra was very convenient and reasuring.

    -- Kelly (Champaign, IL)

  • 08/29/2016

    They took me right away and had very little wait time. They were very efficient!

    -- Erin (Schererville, IN)

  • 08/29/2016

    It was quick and easy. Wait time was less than 45 minutes and the associates were very personable and pleasant.

    -- Kaitlin (Columbus, IN)

  • 08/29/2016

    I asked the mechanics to go look at a tire for me that was bad and he went to look at it and came back and gave me a full report on the tire.

    -- Antonio (Knoxville, TN)

  • 08/29/2016

    Every service guy there was really nice, very attentive, really made me feel I was number one on their list, even though the place was packed with customers. They always complete my car service sooner than I expect them to. It's amazing!

    -- Paula (Knoxville, TN)

  • 08/29/2016

    I always feel like the guys at the Kingston Pk store have my back. They always give me all the options and their recommendations.

    -- Robert (Knoxville, TN)

  • 08/29/2016

    Quick service; was expecting it to take several hours after being told they had fallen way behind that day. Took about an hour and a half.

    -- Brandon (Bloomington, IN)

  • 08/30/2016

    I'm in the dark when it comes to cars, repairs, etc. The associate walked out with me to the car to check the current tires on my vehicle. He explained to me that I only needed two and that the other two were still in really good shape. This was a relief.

    -- Sherard (Indianapolis, IN)

  • 08/31/2016

    They were very friendly and made me feel welcome and comfortable as a women in a tire shop. They explained everything to me and my wait was very minimal. I have had all my vehicles tires and repairs done at Tire Barn.

    -- Trever (Highland, IN)

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