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Nitrogen Inflation - 20% Off

Nitrogen Tire Inflation

Tire Barn Warehouse inflates all new tire purchases with nitrogen FREE of charge. Request an appointment online.

Why Use Nitrogen?

Nitrogen has many benefits. One benefit is improved fuel economy. Underinflated tires have a greater rolling resistance than inflated tires, which can cause poor gas mileage. Nitrogen molecules are larger than normal compressed air, so they retain your pressure for 3 to 4 times longer than normal compressed air. This allows your tire pressure to stay at the proper inflation for longer, so you get greater miles per gallon!

Nitrogen can also improve the vehicle's handling. Nitrogen is safer and more reliable than normal compressed air. Underinflated tires also have a diminished contact patch with the road, affecting vehicle handling and causing drivers to have less control of their vehicles. Keeping your tire pressure correct maximizes vehicle handling.

Nitrogen allows your tires to run cooler because it is less affected by changing ambient temperatures or friction heat generated by the tires while driving. This will keep your air pressures stabilized for longer periods of time, therefore helping with fuel mileage and handling. Also, less oxygen and moisture can prevent damage to the inner liner of the tire, the steel belt, and the rims, which prevents rusting.

Mixing nitrogen with normal compressed air is perfectly fine in an emergency. Normal compressed air is better than no air, but you don’t receive the benefits of nitrogen. Bring any tire purchased from Tire Barn back to any location for a nitrogen top off when needed!

Using nitrogen over the course of a year can save you money! For instance, let's say you are driving a vehicle with the below averaged specifications:

15,000 miles driven each year
$100.00 average per tire replacement cost
$2.75 per gallon of gas average
20 MPG fuel economy
Simply inflating your tires with nitrogen and maintaining the pressure, over the course of a year, can lead to fuel and tire life savings:

Reduction in fuel costs by improved mileage: $113.07
Savings by increased tire life: $31.55
Total savings per year: $113.07 + $31.55 = $144.62!
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Your Nitrogen Inflation Experts

The experts at Tire Barn Warehouse can provide nitrogen tire inflation, as well as quality replacement tires, and a complete range of tire services at the lowest total price. Request an appointment online or by calling your local Tire Barn. We are open evenings and weekends at most locations with same day appointments available.



For even more great information on nitrogen, visit our Learning Center for Frequently Asked Questions!

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