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Hit The Road Special $39.99 - Includes 4-Tire Rotation, Computer Balance, TPMS System Reset and Inflation

Tire Mounting and Balancing

For a Safe, Smooth Ride

Tire balancing is important for improving road handling, reducing tire noise, and promoting even tire wear. If you notice uneven tread wear, poor fuel economy, vibration in the steering wheel, it may be time to request an appointment. At Tire Barn Warehouse, fast, professional tire mounting and tire balancing are included with every Tire Barn purchase.

The Benefits

Tire balancing has many benefits including a safe and smooth ride and maximum tire life.

Tire Mounting

For tire mounting, our expert technicians will:

  • Remove your old tires
  • Clean and condition your wheel rims
  • Mount your tires to the rims
  • Re-bolt your wheels to the hubs
  • Hand tighten each lug nut with a precision torque wrench

Hand torquing is beneficial to prevent wheels from becoming dangerously loose or even falling off and protect rotors from warping. Even pressure eliminates the imperceptible wobbling that can stress the brake disc.

Tire Balancing

Tire Barn Warehouse recommends that we balance your wheels:

  • Every time you buy new tires
  • Every time you rotate your current set of tires

Wheels are often heavier on one side because of small wheel rim and tire variations. The wheels spin unevenly, resulting in vibration, stress on the suspension, and uneven tire wear. Fixing small weights to the wheel rims corrects the problem.

Tire balancing ensures a smooth ride because tires spin uniformly, extends tire life because tires wear evenly, and protect your suspension from wheel vibrations.

Get With The Program For Long-Lasting Tire Performance

A regular program of inspection, rotation, and balancing helps you get the most out of your tire investment. Keeping your tires inflated to the correct pressure also extends tread life and boosts gas mileage. More importantly, these practices ensure your safety.

Request an appointment online for tire mounting and tire balancing. We're open evenings, weekends and holidays at most locations with same day appointments available.

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